Artistic movement
Artistic movement

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Francesc Mestre, the art gallery director, has a long trajectory linked to the contemporary art, through art galleries that in the 60s and 70s had a strong importance in the new artistic sensibility in our country, like Adrià’s Gallery or René Metrás’s Gallery. Nevertheless, in that time, his name was just in mind of whose were usually in the artistic space, or even in the Barcelona art galleries. This professional career had made him an expert not only in Catalan art of the twentieth century in the aesthetic appearance, but also its sociological implications, and of course, the circumstances, not always innocent, that govern the imposition and diffusion of taste and names. Mestre treasures some experiences of the events and attitudes that would help to know and interpret the evolution of our art world since the postwar period until now, and that's why if he ever decide to write his book, that it seems not yet been raised, he would offer a superb document, not an anecdote, but-as would say Eugeni d'Ors- a qualified one.


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